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Le Vanilla

Restaurant Vanilla

A landmark of Chinese and European cuisine in Antananarivo.

Featuring a modern and very spacious, The restaurant Vanilla Orchid Hotel is one of the most famous addresses in Antananarivo. Gourmet menus or a snack menu await guests, resident or not. A bar is available for those wishing to enjoy a moment of conviviality around a glass of beer, wine or spirits.

The menu of the Vanilla Orchid Hotel specializes in Chinese cuisine. His boss Liang Kang Cai is cited as a reference in the field by Antananarivo. You will find the four traditional features that are hot, the warm, fresh and cold, as are five universal flavors are sour, sugar, piquancy, bitter and salty. great classics like pasta, duck and barbecued pork, rolls and stuffed appetizers and steamed or fondues are also in the spotlight.

The European kitchen and Malagasy are represented by its leader Rakotondranaivo Alfred which will offer a la carte selection of the best European and local dishes, as Romazava, Zebu steak with green pepper sauce, Green Pepper Shrimp,...

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1 breakfast

Small American Breakfast


extraordinary Dinner


many Desserts


Table wine or bottle



Roasted zebu

Fillet of zebu,carrot, tomato, green bean, French fries


Donut seafood

shrimps, camarons, Squid, onion cream, vegetables


Ha Kao steam

steam Dumplings Assorted Shrimp


Meat soup

Cabbage soup and crispy meat, mushroom, vegetable vermicelli egg

L e restaurant Vanilla Orchid Hotel, with a capacity of 300 cutlery, is also known for buffets for special occasions such as family or business events. He also specializes in European cuisine : dishes such as raclette, cutlets, the paellas, or the pot-au-feu served here include.